About Us

Seal-er Ltd provide the very best in Protective Solutions.
We provide innovative products using new technologies for domestic usage or specialist contracts.

Our unique products, technical knowledge and a passion for performance – this drives us forwards and only then we can stamp Seal-er products with our ‘Seal-er of Approval’

Our |Products|

SEAL-ER Impregnating Sealers provide long-term protection for all types of porous and wooden surfaces through the formation of an invisible layer that protects, enhances durability and optimises maintenance. We also offer numerous professional cleaning treatments that can be used on many substrates whilst preserving their aesthetic & constitution.

Timber protection

Timber & Decking

Our newly innovated products provide exceptional protection for timber, decking and untreated wood against weather conditions, dirt, stains, growth of algae and lichen. Easy to apply, fast acting and long lasting. The transparent finish keeps the timber looking new whilst allowing the wood to breath naturally.

Stone & Concrete

SEAL-ER high performance, professional impregnating sealers are designed using state of the art polymer technology. Our products guarantee long lasting protection to natural stone, concrete, masonry and other porous substrates allowing the surface to breathe. Suitable for use on both internal and external surfaces.

High Quality Cleaners

Our professional grade cleaners are designed to remove algae, mould, lichen and other organic contaminants. No scrubbing or power washing needed. Perfect for paths, patio’s, decking, walls and roofs.

Our 5-Star Rated Products



High performance, solvent free repellant sealer for most porous calcium based substrates such as concrete, brick & stone. Our special formulation provides an invisible, hard wearing, protective seal whilst not changing the colour or texture of the surface.


Natural Stone Sealer PRO

Provides long-term protection through the formation of an invisible, waterproof layer that enhances durability and preserves aesthetic of natural stone allowing the surface to breath. Once applied it helps repel oil, water, grease, whilst resisting efflorescence and the growth of algae, lichen and other natural contaminants.


Decking Waterproof Protector

SEAL-ER revolutionary penetrating treatment improves slip resistance whilst protecting the timber. Fast acting and easy to apply. Long lasting performance which prevents growth of algae, mould and lichen. The transparent finish keeps the timber looking new whilst allowing the wood to breath naturally.


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